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Important change to Vista editions on Unity Asset Store

Updated: 6 days ago

Since the first release in March 1, 2022, Vista terrain generator was designed to be a modular asset where users can pick any extension modules to use along with the core asset depending on their needs.

That was a great idea at first. However, as we released more and more modules to extent the functionalities of the assets, it quickly exposes its own disadvantages:

  • It's harder for newcomers to decide which modules combination is fit for them. In the past year, we've received a lot of messages such as "which modules should I get". Someone doesn't even know the existence of a functionality such as painting.

  • It's difficult to make tutorial/showcase contents that use features from many modules, users may not have particular modules to use the content.

  • Technically, we try to minimize the change to other modules while developing new feature, that's a barrier for the asset's evolution.

It's time for change. We need a simpler model that easy to understand and unlock full potential of the toolset.

Simplified editions

Instead of being a set of discretted modules, Vista will only has 2 editions that match the scale and needs of teams.



Prices (Updated Jan 2024)



Commercial use

Max resolution



Number of biomes



Polaris integration

Core features (Graph editor, GPU processing, multi-terrains, terraforming, texturing, planting, decorating, core node library, etc.)

Natural simulations (Hydraulic erosion, thermal erosion, landslide, snow fall, water flow, crack, gravity, etc.)

Productivity boost (anchors, goto, sticky images, subgraphs, template variants, smart search, more convenient editors, etc.)

Hand painting (paint biome mask in scene view, paint masks & color in graph, etc.)

MicroSplat integration (Sync texture arrays, output terrain FX maps, etc.)

Nav mesh baking (generate dummy meshes for baking nav mesh in the editor)

Splines (integrate third party spline tools, creating ramp, riverbeds, painting paths, spawn objects along, etc.)

Real world data (Browse, download, process and apply real world digital elevation & satellite imagery from various sources; real world biome)

Expose property (expose graph properties to the outside for ease of customization, templating, workflow enhancement, etc.)

What will happen to existing modules on the Asset Store?

At the time this change take into place, all modules, including the "core", will be discontinued and hidden from the Asset Store. Due to that, they will no longer receive periodly updates.

If you've purchased any module, you can keep using them in your project as you wish. We still offer customer support for them in 1 year starting from the deprecation date.

Upgrade plans

We offer the following plans to upgrade to the new edition model:

  • The "Vista Super Bundle" will become "Pro edition", free of charge.

  • The "Vista Starter Bundle" will become "Indie edition", free of charge.

  • You can choose to upgrade from Indie to Pro at anytime

  • You can upgrade from individual module to Indie at the price in this diagram, we offer a 10% off on the price:

  • You can upgrade from individual module to Pro at the price in this diagram, we offer a 10% off on the price:

  • If you've purchased more than 1 module and wish to upgrade, please reach out to us for a custom resolution.

Will there be a Community edition?

Despite the deprecation of the Core module, which is free on the Asset Store, we know how important it is for a software to be accessible by everyone. We're doing our best to refine the product and ensure the future of its evolution. Hopefully we will introduce a free Community edition for everyone in the near future.

Stay tuned!

When will this change take place?

It will happen on Feb 1, 2024.

Things to expect:

  • A better Vista day by day.

  • Starter Bundle & Super Bundle will be renamed.

  • All modules (Core, Big World, Productivity Boost, Hand Painting, MicroSplat Integration, Navmesh Utilities, Splines, Real World Data, Expose Property) will be deprecated & hidden from the store.

  • Purchased modules will still be accessible, download & use via the Package Manager.

  • You will be able to upgrade to the new editions as described above.

Final words

Once again, we hope the change will solidify the foundation of Vista product. Thank you for being a part of its development for the past years, and hope you still be with us on the road ahead.

Don't forget to read our blog post about the start of Vista 2.

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