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A brief guide to update your purchased Vista modules

A we announced last month about the change to Vista edition model, Vista now only available in 2 editions Indie and Pro, instead of the previous modular approach. That means, the modules will no longer served on the Asset Store.

However, we still offer customer support and periodically update to those modules, this post will show you how to do it.

Updating guide

In the Unity editor, open any Vista graph to bring up the graph editor window, then click on the Explore tab of the Properties panel.

Under the COMPLETE YOUR VISTA COLLECTION section, you'll see a list of available updates for the modules you have, click on one of them. Note that if you don't install a particular module, its updates (if available) will not be shown.

A Google Drive folder will be opened in your browser to download the desired version.

After downloading the package, follow the general recommendation for updating your asset:

  • Backup

  • Remove old files, except your working files (graphs, templates, etc.)

  • Import the new package

  • Check for error.

IMPORTANT: The Vista_Core_2024.1.0 is mandatory to receive update for other modules in the future (although there is none at the moment of writing this post). If you skip this one, other module updates won't show.


If you're curious about the Indie and Pro edition, take a quick look at the links below:

Also, Vista 2, a standalone terrain generator is also under development, join the journey here.

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