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Must-have Unity assets for low poly game development in 2024

Low poly has become the most popular art style for games these days, especially for indie games. Due to the low cost, interesting look and performance friendly, low poly asset is the number one choice for small teams and solo devs.

Below are our top picks of the best Unity assets for low poly games in 2024:

Polaris, one of the highest rated Unity assets for low poly on the Asset Store

One of the highest rated terrain tool for low poly terrain, it provides a wide range of tools to work with custom mesh-based terrain component, including nearly 20 types of painters, splines tool, stamp tool, its own foliage renderer and other utilities. It's also equiped with "heavy weapon" like erosion simulator, as well as multi-threading & GPU processing.

From the beloved publisher polyperfect, this huge pack offers more than 3000 high quality prefabs with collider, along with demo scenes, materials, textures, animations. It has a wide range of model categories: amusement park, animals, apocalypse, beach, buildings, construction, dishes, drinks, egypt, electronics, fantasy, and much more...

Despite of focusing on "stylized", COZY is also a perfect match for ambient & weather in low poly games. The talented publisher Distant Lands has brought a wonderful tool to create stunning weather effects, from time-of-day to annual seasons, from puffy clouds to raging storms, from sunny days to dense fog, you name it!

One of the most favorited low poly water shader on the Asset Store, Poseidon breath life to your scene with its lively and beautiful water effects and movements. The hand-written shaders offer maximum customization and blaze fast rendering on both PC, mobile and VR.

This pack will fullfill your environment with lively wildlife animals, including boars, bears, deers, moose, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, wolves, tigers, and cougars/panthers, premade animation with nearly 1000 animation clips. Great value for the price.

Let it splash! This pack offers over 1300 particle effects for sci-fi and fantasy theme, from projetiles, magic spells, to impacts and explosions. Each unique effect comes in multiple colors, different elemental types or variants.

Yet another skybox asset. Instead of fancy realistic & physically accurate sky, it focus on lightweight performance & ease of customization. Sky effects are rendered in a single pass, they can also be turned on/off with toggles. There is also a day night cycle system for you to play around with.

An amazing tool from an amazing developer that lets you convert any 3D model to low poly style, without the need of using custom shaders. The tool support all render pipelines and work in both editor and runtime.

This pack contains more than 250 unique low poly vehicle in a total of more than 1300 variants, with cars, trucks, airplanes, ships and more. An excellent match for driving/racing game. The author also updates the pack with new models every month.

As the name suggest, it contains a big collection of low poly weapon models for RPG games with the ability to edit color variant for each model. All models also use the same texture and material, a great plus for performance optimization.

Worth-noting free Unity assets for low poly

Beside of the paid assets mentioned above, there are several free yet high quality asset that you can't ignore when looking for Unity assets for low poly games. Check them out!


And that's it, I hope you'll find your sweet candies with the list above. If you find an interesting pack that is not included in the list, please let us know in the comment.

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