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Polaris Mini is a lightweight tool to convert your existing terrains to optimized mesh prefab which will greatly improve your game performance, especially on low end platforms.



  • Export terrain as mesh prefab: All components needed (Renderer, Material, Collider, LOD, etc) are already setup, just drag and drop the prefab to the scene.

  • Adaptive mesh: The mesh can adapt to the height map complexity, less polygon at plain areas, more polygon at rough areas. A huge save to vertex memory.

  • Mesh splitting: The terrain will be cut into several smaller chunks to get around the 65k vertex limit.

  • Up to 4 LODs: Seamless transition between LOD, no gap!

  • XZ displacement: Offset the vertex on XZ plane to break the uniform look.

  • Holes support: Cut the polygons away for the hole, add more polygon to emphasize the hole edge. No need to setup triggers for hole interaction.

  • Hard/smooth normals: Cover both low poly & stylized shading style.

  • Merge UV: Collapse the polygon's UV for sharp color.

  • 2 material variants: Use splat textures (4 layers without normal maps) or use albedo/metallic map.

  • Runtime conversion: Convert terrain at runtime using the TerrainToMeshConverter class.

*Tree & detail export is NOT supported at the moment.



  • Standard RP.

  • Universal RP.

  • Other RP needs material binding setup.



  • Unity 2020.3+



The following package is required for the tool to work:

  • Mathematics (com.unity.mathematics)

Terrain To Mesh - Polaris Mini

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