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Poseidon is a user friendly water system to help you create impressive water-scapes, deeply focused on low-poly and stylized worlds, which can run smoothly on both PC, Mobile and VR devices, save you a lot of time and effort!

Poseidon is the first system which fully support for Universal and Built-in Render Pipeline, with various settings for you to customize. Those features can be easily turn on and off with simple toggles.



  • Super easy to learn: Getting started in no time, with all-in-one-place editor, in-depth document.
  • Robust mesh generation: Water mesh is generated automatically with different patterns and different forms, including Tileable Plane, Area, Spline and Custom Mesh, which mean it can scale well from open water, lakes to curvy rivers and streams.
  • Various lighting setup: While packed with Specular PBR lighting for the highest fidelity, it also provides Blinn-Phong and Lambert light mode for maximize performance on Mobile devices without sacrifice much on quality.
  • Fresnel: Realistic reflection/refraction blending model based on view angle.
  • Ripple: Breath live to your scene with water movements.
  • Wave: Wavy summer beach under the sun, isn't it great?.
  • Light absorption: Light rays getting absorbed when they go deeper into the water body.
  • Foam: Highlight the intersection between water and other geometry, as well as wave crest and river flow and waterfalls.
  • Planar reflection: Stunning scenery with those mountains and sky reflected onto water surface.
  • Refraction: See how lovely life is going below the water.
  • Caustic: Impressive scattering effect, with no projector in used.
  • Underwater and wet lens camera effects: bring the sense of going in and out of water body.
  • Support for VR: Most effects work well on VR. Only support Single Pass Instanced stereo rendering. Tested on Oculus Rift S. See VR Checklist for detail.
  • Queryable: Retrieve vertex position at any position in the scene for creating buoyancy effect. (Buoyancy physics system is not included!)



  • Standard RP.
  • Universal RP.





For some reasons, the asset does not fully work with Oculus Quest (Multiview).



  • Unity 2020.3+






Some assets in the screenshots such as terrain and sky are NOT included in this package.

Low Poly Water - Poseidon

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