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Vista is an advanced yet easy to use terrain generator for procedural terrain and scene editing.

Empowered by massive GPU calculation, robust biomes system and a huge library of nodes with realistic nature simulations, Vista offers the best terrain generation workflow and experiences you can find no other asset in Unity.

Vista terrain generator has the following characteristics:

  • Non-linear: You can combine nodes in any order to define the terrains, and output multiple data (height, color, vegetation, etc.) at once.

  • Non-destructive: Your terrains and scenes are generated using rules defined in the graph, modifying a single property of the graph will give you a whole new terrain. If you want to, you can reverse the previous result without losing any of your work.

  • Parametric: You can control nearly every aspect of your terrains just by playing around with simple numbers, the terrains will adapt without sweating. That way you can have infinite variations in a single graph.

  • Local: Your terrains are mixed by a set of “local biomes” manually placed in the scene. This way it’s easier for you to control the scene layout and it fits better to your game’s story.



This asset is currently distributed with 2 editions: Indie and Pro.

The Pro edition unlocks more powerful features for more ambitious teams and projects, while this Indie edition provides most used features for small teams and solo devs.

See comparison.





Some art assets in the videos/screenshots are NOT included in this package.



  • Easy to learn: Despite being an advanced graph tool, the terrain generator is easy to get started with quick start tutorials, in-depth documentations and premade demos.

  • GPU accelerated: Everything is generated on the GPU side, which means the terrain generator can process more data in less time.

  • Multi-terrains: The terrain generator can fill data to multiple terrains without seams.

  • Robust biomes system: You can place many biomes in the scene, in any shapes. These biomes will be blended together with a very nice transition. Different from other terrain generators where biomes are defined by gradient mask, Vista let you place them by hand, so you have total control of the scene structure and the story behind.

  • Fully featured graph editor: The terrain generator offers a clean and organized workspace to keep you productive.

  • Terrain authoring: From terraforming, texturing, to tree planting and detailing, you have all the tools you need in a terrain generator.

  • Work with many terrain systems: Currently it works with Unity terrain and Polaris terrain. Other terrain systems can be supported via scripting.

  • Node library: The terrain generator offers a huge and growing node library to turn your creativity to reality, with complex and realistic nature simulation such as hydraulic erosion, landslide, gravity, crack, snow fall, water flow, etc.

  • Seed based generation: Generate an infinite number of terrain variants just by changing seed numbers.

  • Editor & runtime: The terrain generator works both in editor and runtime, extremely fast and beautiful.

  • Extensible: You can easily customize the terrain generator's pipeline, do custom tasks or write your own nodes using the provided API.

  • Lightweight but powerful: No need to dumb a multi-gigabytes asset into your project. Vista terrain generator only costs you a few megabytes but still yield satisfying results.

  • Big world creation: The terrain generator provides advanced features for ambitious levels, up to 4K textures, multi-biomes workflow, realistic natural simulations.

  • Enhanced productivity: A pleasured editing experience in the modern graph based terrain generator, faster, smarter and stay organized with the help of smart search, anchor points, drop-reconnect, sub-graphs, sticky images, etc.

  • MicroSplat integration: Easily apply MicroSplat shader on your terrains. The terrain generator can match your texture array with the graph output, as well as output terrain FX maps for advanced effects.

  • Hand painting: Apply manual adjustments with brush, paint biome mask in the scene view and paint custom textures in the graph. A mixture of powerful terrain generator and clever fingers.

  • Nav Mesh Utilities: The terrain generator can create static meshes to aid in navigation baking.


Get Terrain Generator - Vista - Pro Edition to unlock the following features:

  • Splines: Perform action along a spline such as height conforming, paint path, clear vegetation, etc. The terrain generator allows you to use spline editing tools from other providers to place splines in your scene, then it will process the splines in the graph.

  • Real World Data: Generate terrains from real world digital elevation (DEM) and satellite images. The terrain generator lets you browse the world map for interested location, from various data sources, then download and process the data for you.

  • Expose Property: Expose the most important properties of the graph to the outside for customization & workflow enhancement.



  • Unity 2021.3 LTS and up.

  • Compute shaders support. The asset is heavily built upon compute shaders and compute buffers. This is supported on most machines if you use the asset in the editor only. Learn more.



  • Windows machine running on DX12, DX11 & Vulkan.

  • Mac machine running on Metal.

Please contact if you need a test on other configuration.



  • Standard RP.

  • Universal RP.

  • High Definition RP.



  • Polaris: Output generated data to low poly terrain.

  • MicroSplat: Update your MicroSplat texture array configs & FX maps with ease.



The following packages are required for the tool to work:

  • Searcher (com.unity.searcher)

  • Editor Coroutines (com.unity.editorcoroutines)

  • Mathematics (com.unity.mathematics)

These packages will be added to your project automatically. If not, please check the Package Manager.




Vista Indie - Graph Based Terrain Generator GPU

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