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Creating new script file is one of the most common tasks of any programmer working with Unity. For simple projects, there is nothing to worry about. But for larger projects, where inheritance and interfaces are everywhere, and you need to put your class into separate namespaces, it would be a trouble.


Until now, Unity only provides you a solution to deal with this: edit the template files, located in InstallationPath/Editor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates/, but is it enough? No, it’s not! Because it simply find-and-replace, and would affect multiple projects.


CsharpWizard was made to solve that. The only thing you have to do is to tell what you want to create, and everything will be done automatically. Some highlights on what it can do:

  • Generate the skeleton code with no compile error (of course!)
  • Namespace, base class and interface suggestion based on what you type, sorting and giving the most relevant result
  • Error handling, warning you before generating the code
  • Auto override abstract methods from base class
  • Auto implement properties and methods of the inherited interfaces
  • Code formatting
  • Multiple type of code to generate, from class, struct, to interface and enum

C# Wizard - Script creator for Unity

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